Wine is always a matter of people.

From the creators to the technicians, from the workers on the production line to the company employees, from the suppliers to the customers all over the world.
And also of friends, relatives and acquaintances. Each bottle represents the meeting of many people who are left with an image, an opinion, a satisfaction when the bottle is emptied.
There are scattered bunches – that is, with the berries scattered and spaced out – and others clustered with the berries so close together:
thus, sometimes we all work together, as in the grape harvest, other times each in his own area, some in the office and some in the cellar,
but it is always a lot of people! They all work for a single project: SIRCH. Get to know them!
Wine is described by its olfactory and aromatic notes, it can be harmonious and lively:
it seems to speak of music. The bunches and grapes are like notes on a musical score drawn by the rows of vines.



SIRCH is conviviality: our wines love meeting people,
participating in events and unique pairings and being part of everyone’s stories.
You will have the possibility to savor our special moments,
because wine has always been a festive occasion, an excuse to toast and
to combine wine with good food.


The Calici di Stelle events promoted by the National Association of Wine Cities in agreement with the Wine Tourism Movement are an initiative that has been present throughout Italy for years with a rich calendar of events.
The wonderful summer events, of which Friuli Venezia Giulia is rich, combine the typical products of the area with architecture, culture, environment and, above all, the pleasure of being together.


FVG Via dei Sapori is the Consortium that brings together 21 top restaurateurs in the region, supported by a supply chain of almost 50 companies including winemakers, distillers, artisans of taste and technical partners. Together they represent the agri-food excellence of Friuli Venezia Giulia. A unique event that intertwines people, places and their professionalism to give prestige to their work and the territory they belong to. A real cooking show featuring the chefs of the group's restaurants who cook highly creative new dishes, combined with the best Friulian labels including, obviously, Sirch



Domenica 13 Agosto
Calici di Stelle
Ponte dello Schioppettino dalle 19.30
Prepotto (Ud) Italia

Ven Sab 11/12 Agosto
Calici di Stelle
Piazza Capitolo dalle 19.00 alle 24.00
Aquileia (Ud) Italia

Martedi 8 Agosto
FVG Via dei Sapori
a Grado sulla battigia in riva al mare!

Lunedi 7 Agosto
Calici di Stelle
Parco Braida-Copetti dalle 19.30
Premariacco (Ud) Italia

Mercoledi 5 Luglio
FVG Via dei Sapori

al Castello di Spessa
Capriva del Friuli (Go) Italia

Lunedì 15 Maggio
FVG Via dei Sapori
ore 18.30 - Palazzo Castiglioni
Sala Orlando - Corso Venezia 47 - Milano

Verona 2-5 Aprile
Padiglione 6 - Friuli Venezia Giulia
C8 Torre Elena